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Painting, drawing, portraits, decorations, teaching, cooking...


Personal Presentation


thank you for reading this.

All my life I been interested in creative challenges. That is why I have cooked, organized events, done the artistic direction of short films, performances, retreats, mindfulness coaching, art teaching...

No matter what I else I was doing, I always considered myself a painter and I painted. As a matter of fact that is how y describe myself: A restless painter ;-)

I have lived in the mountains of Madrid, in Miami, WashingtonD.C, Wicklow and the city of Madrid. I have made collective and solo shows in all those locations. I also have been part of a project called through which I sold works all over the world.

I am a good portrait maker.


In the last decade I been learning oriental traditions: mostly Zen, Sumi-e technique and Daoism. I am a meditator. That fact and everything I have been learning and practicing these traditions has allowed me to live a fulfilling life. This has had a clear impact in my latest works.

All the knowledge I acquired from the Orient I share it in my project Art Meditation Lab

My current area of interest has expanded to mysticism and esotericism.


Thank you :-)!

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